Workouts for 9/5-9/9/2017

Welcome to baseline week! This week is for YOU. By the end, you'll have numbers for back squat and shoulder press. You'll have times/rep counts for rowing intervals, body weight movements, and a couple benchmark workouts. In 5 weeks, we will repeat these workouts. It will help you see where you're at right now AND give us data to see where we need to improve with gym programming. The only person you're measuring against is yourself.

Why do we do baseline week? We don't - you do it. 

You know how you hear people say "What's your Helen time?" or "What's your back squat?" There's a reason athletes know these numbers - they're a basis for comparison against previous versions of yourself. What we're doing with Baseline Week is setting that basis for comparison. When we retest in 5 weeks, you'll be able to say "My Helen time improved by 27 seconds - I'm kicking butt!" rather than "I think CrossFit is helping me. I seem to be doing better..."

But it's also feedback for Jet coaches! 

  1. It tells us where our athletes are at with specific movements and levels of fitness.
  2. It allows us to make sure programming is effective and targeted to the needs of Jet Citizens.
  3. Helps us to help you achieve your fitness goals! 

If our members aren't improving the way that we know they can, we can look at the baseline week info and adjust to fit you.

Keep your eyes out around the gym for more info!

Tuesday, September 5

15 Min to Find:
  2 RM Bench Press


Record time of each for:

  • 500m Row
  • Max Sit Ups in a Minute
  • Handstand Against Wall for Time
  • Vertical Jump
  • Max Bar Hang

Wednesday, September 6


15 Min to Find:
  2 RM Back Squat


"The Chief"
Complete 5 rounds of the following:
   3 min AMRAP:
      3 Power Cleans (135/95)
      6 Push-Ups
      9 Air Squats
   1 min Rest

Thursday, September 7


15 Min to Find:
  2 RM Strict Press


A. "Helen"
     3 Rounds for Time:
       400m Run
       21 KB Swings (24/16kg)
       12 Pull Ups

B. Max Ring Hold

Friday, September 8


A. 15 Min to Find:
     2 RM Power Clean
B. 15 Min to Find:
     2 RM Deadlift


2k Row

Saturday, September 9


A. 1 Mile Run for Time - final baseline marker

B. Celebrate end of Baseline week!

C. 3 Rounds for Time and Fun
    8:30a Individual, 10a w/Partner:
       50 Double Unders
       40 Air Squats
       30 Sit Ups
       20 Push Ups
       10 Burpees