Getting Started Individual Fundamental Program
(6) 1-on-1 Individual Training Series: $300*

CrossFit (experience or Fundamentals required)
Monthly Unlimited Membership: $175*

Olympic Lifting
Monthly Unlimited: $150*

1st Drop-in (from another box)
FREE - Send us an email letting us know which class you'll be attending, $20 for each additional.

Membership Payment Policy:
Fee is due and paid in full on the first of each month via recurring debit/credit card charge. The debit/credit card specified will be charged for the amount of the contract agreement on the first of each month. For the initial month of enrollment, membership fee will be prorated to the number of days left in the month.

Cancellation Policy: 
Notice of membership cancellation must be made at least five (5) days prior to the end of the month; otherwise, membership will be renewed with the same contract term listed on the Membership Agreement Form. There will be no refunds, “paused” memberships, or credited classes for any reason (injury, family emergency, work travel, etc.) – no exceptions. If you cancel your membership and then rejoin, you will sign up at the current membership rate.

*Prices do not include applicable taxes
**Please note: There will be a $10 fee for a declined credit card transaction.