Workouts for 9/23-9/28/2019

Monday, September 23


20 Minutes To Find Heavy Complex:
2 Full Cleans + 1 Hang Clean


12 Minute AMRAP:
Max Unbroken Reps At Each Movement, Once The Bar Is Put Down Switch Movements
Push Press (Fit: 75/55, RX: 95/65#, FB: 115/75#)
Hang Power Cleans (Same Weight)
Deadlifts (Same Weight)

*Score Is Total Reps Completed With All Movements*

Tuesday, September 24


5 Supersets:
20 Single-Leg Kettlebell RDL (Same weight for all)
20 SIngle-Arm Kettlebell Z Press
20 Single Kettlebell Front Rack Curtsy Squats


4 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
15 Slamballs (Fit: 30/20#, RX: 40/30#, FB: 50/40#)
20 Situps

Wednesday, September 25


4x10 Back Squat
@ 75% of 5RM


15 Minute AMRAP:
20 Jumping Lunges (Fit: Lunges)
5 Thrusters (Fit: 75/55#, RX: 95/65#, FB: 115/75#)
20 Push-Ups (Fit: Knee/Box Push-Ups)

Thursday, September 26


4x10 Push Press
@ 75% of 5RM


3 Rounds For Time:
20 Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups (Fit: Banded/Toe-Spot, RX: Kipping, FB: C2B)
25 Box Jumps (Fit: 20/16", RX: 24/20", FB: 30/24")

Friday, September 27


4x10 Bench Press
@ 75% of 5RM


6 Rounds (:30 On/:30 Off)
Assault Bike
Elbows To Hand Plank (Fit: Plank On Knees)
Double-Unders (Fit: SIngle-Unders)

Saturday, September 28


Workout 1: The Bunny Complex

Part 1:
With An Empty Bar, Each Partner Will Perform One Bunny Complex:
Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Clean + Push Press + Hop Over The Bar
Score: Number Of Completed Bunny Complexes

* Partners Must Alternate After Each Complex And High-5 Every Time They Switch Places.

1 Minute Rest

Part 2:

6 Minute Kettlebell Swing Ladder -
Partners Will Spend 1 Minute At Each Weight Doing As Many Russian Kettlebell Swings As
Possible While Other Partner Holds A Dumbbell In Each Hand Suitcase Style.
Score: Number Of KB Swings Completed

* Kettlebell Weights Will Get Progressively Heavier As The Ladder Moves Forward (26-35-44-53-62-70).
* Dumbbell Weights Will Decrease (35-30-25-20-15-10).
* Either Partner Can Do The Work.
* All Teams Will Do The Same Weight, So Strategy will Play A Role Here.

Workout 2: Ladder Ball Rope Climb (10 Minute AMPAP):

Partners Will Take Turns Completing A Full Round:
*10 Calorie Row, Followed By 1 Rope Climb For Points:
**1 Point: Athlete Hangs On The Rope With Full Body Weight Supported (feet off of the ground)
**2 points: Athlete Touches Marker ½ Way Up The Rope
**3 points: Athlete Touches The Beam At The Top Of The Rope
Score: Total Number Of Rope Climb Points

*Each Partner Decides Which Point Level They’d Like To Attempt Per Round.*

Workout 3: All Together Now!

Part 1 (15 Minute Timecap):

21-15-9 -
Kettlebell Walking Lunges (both partners holding same KB)
Synchronized Burpees
Synchronized Knee Raises
Partner Wall Ball (One Partner Throws The Wall Ball To Target, The Other Catches It And Performs A Wall
Ball, And So On. Each Time The Ball Hits The Target Is 1 Rep)
Score: Time

*All Movements Must Be Performed By Both Athletes*

Part 2:

10 Minutes To Find 1 Rep Max Deadlift For Both Partners
Score: Weight

*Can Make As Many Attempts As Needed In The 10 Minutes*