Workouts for 8/13-8/19/2018

Hi Jet Athletes! This week starts our Level Method rollout. The next four weeks will consist of a change in our programming to prepare us for testing our levels in September. A few things you will notice:

1) Our WOD template is changing from just a daily Skill/Strength and Conditioning pieces to more specific headings designed to provide you more insight into the focus and feel of each workout.

2) We're introducing 3 options for different movements and weight levels that will start to show up:
    Fitness: for those just starting out with CrossFit, experienced athlete coming back from a break or injury, or anyone wanting a good, solid workout with less reps or lighter weights.
    Performance (RX): for the intermediate athlete or those who want to push a little bit more.
    Fire Breather (FB): for those looking to compete and wanting heavier weights and able to do more complicated skill work.
Still unsure what this whole Level Method thing is? It's a standardize way to "test" our overall fitness and see where we stand. Rather than doing our own inhouse testing as we've done the previous year, now we'll be using a worldwide tested and proven system. In addition to just testing, the Level Method will better point our specific weaknesses we each have and show a path for improvement to be better, more well-rounded athletes.

Monday, August 13


10 Min EMOM:
    Odd Minute: 5 Presses
    Even Minute: Russian Swings (Fitness Rep #: 10, RX: 15, FB: 20)


3 Rounds:
    1 Min Row, 1 Min Rest
    1 Min Air Squat, 1 Min Rest
    1 Min Push-Ups, 1 Min Rest
    1 Min Sit-Ups, 1 Min Rest

Tuesday, August 14


4 Rounds for Time (16 Min Cap):
    15 Wall Balls (Fitness: 14/10#, RX: 20/14#)
    12 Hang Power Clean (Fitness: 55/35#, RX: 75/55#) 
    9 Burpee Over Bar (Fitness: Bodybuilder over bar)
    200m Run


4 Rounds NFT (Not For Time)
    Plank 60s (Fitness: 30s)
    25 Sit-Ups
    12 Hanging Knee Raise

Wednesday, August 15


10 Min Ring Practice/Work:
    Fitness: Stability at lockout or stabilize on box
    RX: Ring Dips and Stability at lockout.
    FB: Ring MU


40-30-20-10 for Time:
    Strict Press (Fitness: 22# BB/5# DBs, RX: 35/15#, FB: 45/35#)
    Back Squat (Fitness: Air Squat, RX: 35/15#, FB: 45/35#)

Thursday, August 16


3 Supersets:
    5 Front Squat
    Pulling (Fitness: 12 Ring Rows, RX: 5 Strict Pull-Ups, FB: 5 Strict Weighted)
Rest 2 Min Between Sets


2 Rounds:
     5 Minutes:
          15 Box Jumps (Fitness: 20/16#, RX: 24/20#)
          15 Burpees (Fitness: Bodybuilders)
          15 KBS (53/35#)
          Max Calorie Row
     3 Minute Rest

Friday, August 17


5x5 Sumo Deadlift


15-12-9 for Time:
    Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (Fitness: 45/35, RX: 115/75#, FB: 135/95#)
    Pull-ups (Fitness: Toe-Spot, RX: Pull-Ups, FB: C2B PUs)

Saturday, August 18

30 Min Partner AMRAP:
    400m Run
    20 Deadlifts (Fitness: 95/65#, RX: 135/95#)
    40 Push-ups (Fitness: Bar Push-Ups)
    400m Run
    20 Toes to Bar (Fitness: Hanging knee raise)
    80 Double-Under