Frequently Asked Questions

CrossFit is a functional strength and conditioning program, designed for any committed individual, regardless of experience or athletic ability. In addition to efficient and effective workouts, you’ll find a community of encouraging and friendly members, along with a patient and motivating staff of seasoned coaches.

What is a typical CrossFit class like at Jet City?

Our CrossFit classes begin with a little cardio to get the blood flowing, followed by dynamic range of motion to get the joints mobile, then some basic exercises to prepare the muscles for the day's tasks. After a 15 minute warm-up, you'll spend the next 15-20 minutes of the hour working with the instructor learning new techniques on a skill, or practicing form on a lift. The metabolic conditioning portion of the day lasts another 15 minutes on average; this part can be reminiscent of circuit training at times with stations of aerobic and weight training. The class ends with a cool down and stretching. Our coaches lead the class through every movement, so you'll know what's expected. They also correct form to help keep you safe, and you'll get the encouragement you need to stay motivated. Think of our classes as group personal training.

Will I get injured?

Not at Jet City. Every new member starts off with 1 on 1 personal training to get you started off on the right foot. Or the left foot, it’s up to you – and we’ll learn that about you during this time. We’ll also learn about your experience, your goals, and where you’re at NOW so that when you begin your CrossFit journey at Jet you’re actually prepared to do the movements. It’s like wrapping you in a comfy layer of safe, knowledgeable, customized bubble wrap that’ll stay with you throughout your CrossFit journey. 

What is the community like at Jet City?

Just like our coaches, your fellow athletes will be welcoming and supportive from the moment you walk in the door. We have all been new at some point in our CrossFit journey, so we know how to lighten up the mood and help you feel right at home. We like to throw festive parties, attend each other's events, and celebrate each other's victories inside and outside the gym. We're also a pretty diverse and inclusive bunch.

What can I expect in Fundamentals?

Each individual training session begins with warm-up, contains a large review and learning portion, and ends with a short workout. Fundamentals starts with proper positioning and basic bodyweight movements then builds into barbell and more advanced exercises. Throughout Fundamentals, the focus is on giving you the tools necessary to be successful in your fitness journey.

Can I try out CrossFit first before committing to Fundamentals?

Absolutely! We generally offer free Bring-A-Friend Day the first Saturday of each month, with a workout at 9 and 10a. Please contact us for schedule and more information. Alternatively, we offer a FREE consultation where you can meet with a coach and discuss your goals and what you want to achieve. Contact us for more info!

What if I've done a couple of CrossFit workouts before?

Fundamentals is a prerequisite to join our CrossFit classes if: you're newer to CrossFit, haven't been through a formal On-Ramp program elsewhere, or you have taken several months or more off of CrossFit. Our overall goal is to set you up for success by ensuring you have a solid foundation, and help prepare you for a long journey into fitness. The best way to figure out where you're at is to Contact Us and setup a consultation.

I'm an experienced CrossFitter, can I drop-in?

Yes! If you've been CrossFitting consistently for at least 3 months, you are invited to drop-in to any all-level class! We do not have class sign-ups, but please send us an email in advance so we know to expect you.

Our drop-in fee is $25/class or $60 for a 7-day pass. If you would like to support our community, you are always welcome to buy a shirt or give us a nice review on Yelp or Facebook. Please allow yourself time to both fill out our waiver at the gym before class, and to talk to the coach about your CrossFit history.

What amenities do you have?

We have LOTS of parking (and it's free). Our gym is large and features a shower, a comfy hang out space, and cubbies to drop your stuff. We have unlimited filtered water and sell SFH, LifeAid, Paleoethics, and Epic products. We also have 2 resident gym bunnies who will happily greet you (for corn flakes).