Is CrossFit for me?


I've been that person on the treadmill, flipping through People magazine. I show up, “work out” and leave and nobody noticed if I’d skip a day. Looking back it’s no wonder that I never got the results I wanted. So I got brave and tried CrossFit and discovered that CrossFit is the Cheers of the work out world - where everyone knowns you name. A friendly and accepting place, where everyone is an athlete, and everyone’s attendance, participation and progress matters. Is it physically hard? Yes, and some days I am sore. What I would tell someone who is thinking about CrossFit is that it can change your life in amazing ways. I’m stronger and have better flexibility, but what I didn’t realize when I walked in the door is the friends I would make and how important our community is. I’ll never treadmill alone again. 

So imagine for a moment you took that first step and walked into Jet City? Then what???

  1. Don't worry about being the new kid. Someone will walk up to you and get the ball rolling. You are not alone.
  2. Say something to your coach.  If you don’t have your “A” game, or are feeling intimidated, let them know. There is always an alternative. 
  3. Stronger than yesterday. Really, each work out is an investment in yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Be healthy for the long hall. 
  4. Stretch it out. Dedicate some extra time in or out of the gym to stretch, your body will thank you.
  5. Celebrate every victory, reinforce the positive, and keep on keeping on because the CrossFit journey is worth it!