The Magical Unicorn Sauce of Yoga


I am a CrossFitter through and through and never thought I'd be advocating yoga. When we started offering it I attended because I liked the instructors--not because I liked or thought I needed yoga for any reason.

After 2 months of doing our yoga classes consistently 3 times a week and then stopping abruptly for the holidays, I can honestly say I *need* yoga in my life. I went from constantly being plagued with aches and pains and chronic back pain to feeling on top of the world--not an exaggeration, I swear! I ended up with increased flexibility and stability in my joints and being able to go weeks without a chiropractor visit. Before, I could barely make it a few days.

We all know we need more mobility in our lives but, like most of us, I'm busy and not disciplined enough to do the work on my own. Committing to attending every class we offered pushed me to do the work, but also taught me so much more about paying attention to my body and activating the right muscles at the right time than I already knew... and I own a gym so *I thought* I knew a lot. I didn't realize how beneficial the yoga had been until I took a month break over the holidays. My back started twinging again and I'm back at the chiropractor.

Coach Laura’s first attempt at yoga.

Coach Laura’s first attempt at yoga.

I implore all of you to try it... and not just once but commit to it for a specific length of time and see if you too can discover this magical unicorn sauce. I never thought I'd be the one advocating yoga, I never thought I'd be the one most anxious to have it back. If you were like me and never tried it, please reconsider. Not only are my chronic injuries improving but so is my CrossFit--things are easier, my weights are going up because my muscles are looser and activating properly--something I've never experienced. After years and years of being plateaued, I'm finally improving again as an athlete.

Yoga is currently offered every Sunday at 11:15am and is included with a Jet City Unlimited monthly membership.