Why do I need fitness goals?

The Goal Door is ready for you! 

The Goal Door is ready for you! 

So we finished Level Method testing and you’re wondering what’s next? The answer, my friends, is it’s up to you. Level Method is designed to shine a light on the areas where improving will help you the most. It does this by anchoring your overall level to your lowest levels: meaning you can’t level up until you improve your worst areas. This can be infuriating, but it can also be motivating. You now know exactly what to work on in order to improve your overall fitness. How do you do that? By setting goals!

Goals are like guideposts - creating them gives you direction and focus - and they help you measure your progress over time. Let’s think about 2 versions of you after 8-weeks of consistent work:

  • Version 1: You show up consistently for those 8 weeks. You work hard and do the workouts. 

  • Version 2: You set a goal to level up 2 levels. You work really hard, consult your coaches about how to improve and put in a little extra time after class. You discover that a goal you set is totally within reach and you work hard to get there. At the end of the 8-weeks, you’ve leveled up.

In the same amount of time Version 1 will certainly be more healthy and have improved. But will you know exactly what those improvements are? Or how you got there? Version 2, on the other hand, will have the satisfaction of being able to measure how far you’ve come (whether you met your goals or not), and might have leveled up! But either way you’ll proud of what you’ve accomplished because you were paying attention to the journey.

Setting goals is about being hopeful, working hard, and making yourself proud. Luckily it doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s where to start:

  1. Write them down. Writing goals down (on the goal door, for instance) can help you be more accountable. It makes the goal tangible - something real and not just this crazy idea in your head. Plus, you can stare at them while rowing...

  2. Choose at least one realistic, shorter term goal and one you’re not quite sure you can do. Think about the long term: what do you think you can do, with consistent work, in 8 months? A year? What’s something you’re close to doing with a little work (and maybe some help from a coach)? We want you to achieve all of your goals - but we want you to push yourself too. You can do more than you think! 

  3. Get creative! Goals can be whatever you want: nutrition, weights, movements, consistency! Maybe you want to work out 5 days per week for the rest of the year? Maybe you want a body weight clean? Or a hand stand push up? Maybe you want all of those things!?

  4. Once you’ve written your goal(s) on the board, it’s time to get to work. When are you going to work on that goal? Are you going to do pull up negatives after class? Create a chart to track how many days you work out in a week? If you’re not sure where to go from here, talk to us! We’re here to help (and this is pretty much our favorite thing to do).

Here’s a bonus about setting fitness goals: it will help you outside of the gym! When you accomplish a goal you’ve set, when you do something amazing, it boosts your confidence. You start to wonder what other things you previously thought impossible you might accomplish. And that, Jet City, is where it gets awesome! That’s what we want to see you living every day!

So let’s see those goals! Get them on the goal door, and then let’s get to work! And of course if you need help - let us know (it’s exactly what we’re here for!).