Why CrossFit Worked When Nothing Else Did

Graduation from beginner classes to regular CrossFit. (Fall 2013)

Graduation from beginner classes to regular CrossFit. (Fall 2013)

I was scrolling through Facebook recently and saw a video from a friend’s dance studio, which reminded me that I'd once taken a belly dancing class from her in the hopes that it would help me get into shape. I actually thought it was going to be my THING. I went for a couple months. I practiced at home, I had fun in the classes and I started to recognize people in class from week to week. But when my pass ran out I stopped going. Something about it didn’t stick.

I took a Couch to 5K class from this awesome woman named Beth (twice!). For 6 weeks we went to Greenlake, rain or shine, and ran. By the time it was over I was running (slowly) around the lake and felt pretty great. Running was going to be my THING (and my path to getting in shape/ losing weight/ living my best life). After it was over I ran maybe two times a week, it was my only form of exercise for a while. I’d have to drag myself out of the house to get it done. Something about it didn’t stick. 

I went to yoga once a week, on Tuesday nights, for a while. I wasn’t super successful at it, but the great thing about yoga is that you don’t have to be. I went for a couple of months, and again started to recognize a few faces. It was going to be my THING. But I have back problems and got tired of trying to figure out on my own how to deal with poses that hurt, or what to do when my body just wouldn’t move a certain way. Eventually my pass ran out and I didn’t renew. Something about it just didn’t stick.

I tried CrossFit once. It was hard and I had to modify every movement, but so did other people, so that was ok. I made it through the introductory program and kept going twice a week. I started to make friends at the gym. The coaches asked how I was doing and I never struggled to bring up anything that was sore or limiting - mostly because they always asked or proactively identified them - and then told me how to improve them. So I kept going - and it's now been 5 years. Something about it just stuck.

What was it about CrossFit that made it stick when belly dancing, yoga, and running didn’t? Those other things have community aspects, they are approachable and fun. So what's the deal?

I was never alone.

I'm not just talking about making friends (though that's certainly part of it). I never had to figure things out on my own. There was always a coach there to notice if something was off, or push me to try something I didn’t think I could do. There was always someone there to welcome me, to ask how I was doing or where I’d been.

So what was it that made Jet City CrossFit my THING? It’s the people. When I say CrossFit is about community I'm not just talking about the friends you’ll make (and you will). I'm talking about the built-in support system, about never having to figure out “fitness” on your own, about having a bunch of passionate people around to ask any question you can think of.

You don’t have to figure out this health and fitness thing on your own. There are coaches waiting to help you and a community ready to support you along the way. And who knows, something about it might just stick. 

4 years later, 70 lbs lighter, taking first place in a CrossFit competition! (Fall 2017)

4 years later, 70 lbs lighter, taking first place in a CrossFit competition! (Fall 2017)