What's included when I start CrossFit On-Ramp classes?
We’ll start the first night with a brief tour of the gym, introductions, and addressing any injuries or mobility limitations. You will be led through a warm-up, coached on technique in a few of our foundational movements, and then learn to put those new skills into practice for a short, timed workout. The class sizes are kept small, so you get the dedicated coaching and attention to detail needed to keep you safe.

When can I start?
Our next available On-Ramp starts on Tuesday, April 5th, and runs Tu/Th/Fr nights at 7p for two weeks.

How do I sign up?


What happens if I have to miss a class?
Missing a class in On-Ramp is no problem, but you will be required to make-up the class with a personal training session in order to be cleared for take-off in regular group classes. Please contact us for more information about personal training sessions.